How we got started


The first cake was actually baked in a conventional oven and sent to Detroit, Michigan where it was field tested to determine if the product could survive the industry. The first presentation of the cake resulted in an order from a prominent Orthodontist who used it as a marketing tool for his business. It was then determined that the cake could compete and survive the industry.

We received information of a business being closed in Savannah, Georgia that had all of the equipment needed to prepare cakes in a jar in a commercial environment. An agreement was made and the equipment was purchased. We then began the long and tedious process of getting the business to comply with strict and rigorous codes as established by the Department of Agriculture, the State of Georgia, and the City of Macon. We successfully passed and complied with all codes and the business was started.

As time went on, the founders of Cake in a Jar decided to bring the business back to the place where it first took flight, Detroit, Michigan. Here we bake, seal, pack and ship these wonderful treats to all of our customers and their friends. A base built strong upon family values and faith in the Lord, add to that our loyal customers and business is as strong as ever! In this economy, an investment in something that can bring joy to the ones you love is worth a retirement of happiness.



Our Mission


The mission of Cake In A Jar, LLC is to produce palate-pleasing products that our customers will enjoy. We are also committed to providing our customers with a unique way of showing appreciation and saying thank you to someone who has touched their lives.



What are cakes in a jar you ask?


Well its a little bit of everything you love. Premium cakes, made-from-scratch and then immediately preserved to maintain its awesome taste. The cakes will remain moist and delicious for up to 1 year if unopened. A Ready-to-eat Cake in a Jar, that you can eat with a spoon or roll it out of the jar and slice it. Cakes in a Jar will make the tummy warm, the lips smile and the eyes brighten!

Makes the perfect gift for any occasion, treats to serve at client and employee meetings and delicious desserts to add to menus.

It's great to keep on hand for sudden cravings or give as a favor for your next party. What better way to show someone you care than a personlized cake in a jar!